Socioeconomic Studies

We assist our clients with reliable information based on extensive research and verification of information on its internal talent or potential candidates in the hiring process, according to the integration of the following:

  • Photograph
  • Photo of the registered candidate (indoor and outdoor)
  • Minimum response time
  • Graphical description of the socioeconomic environment
  • Location Map
  • Comparative chart home Income expenses
  • Validation VS VS IMSS Information
  • Privacy


  • Personalized interview at the candidate’s house
  • Checking of general, academic and family data
  • Address validation
  • Detailed activities of candidate
  • Financial situation
  • Health condition statement
  • Interview with work references
  • Family references
  • Personal references
  • Neighbor references
  • Fingerprints (if required)
  • Conclusions, etc.
The personal recommendations that we offer to our clients, allow a considerable cost reductions in Human Capital, furthermore a personnel rotation decreasing and a reduction of frauds and labor demands.

In Certé we are proud of having more than 15 years of experience providing Human Resources solutions based on the versatility and design of specialized services for our customers, with a high level of commitment and emphasizing on personalized relationships, adapting to our customer’s specific needs and providing an immediate response.

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